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Salto Geo "Amok"-cylinder

This version of a digital locking cylinder has additional intrinsic values. In everyday use it does not differ from a standard digital cylinder. On the outside of the door there is the reader unit and on the inside there is a mechanical knob. By showing a transponder to the reader the cylinder engages and the door can be opended respectively closed. On the inside the mechanical knob is permanently engaged.

This could lead to the following situation:

Imagine a school and the pupils on the inside are locking the door and blocking the knob by holding it. The teacher on the outside shows his transponder to the reader unit and the cylinder engages. Now both sides are working against each other and the teacher is not able to unlock and open the door easily because of the blocked mechanical knob on the inside. The side which can bring up more power is in advantage until the limit load of the inner components. In worst case the cylinder breaks down.

These situations are mainly expectable in public buildings like schools, sports centres, restaurants et cetera. Now there is a suitable solution: the digital cylinder with prioritised knob on the outside. A special clutch on the inside priors the outside knob in case both knobs are engaged and in use. This avoids a breaking cylinder and uncontrollable access prevention.

A similar usage can be found on electronical fittings, with the disadvantage of a non-locked door as long as there is no self-locking mortise lock. A self-locking mortise lock causes additional costs and is not suitable for every door situation.

With a cylinder no restrictions are expectable because no changes of the door are necessary.

A special version of the cylinder for anti-panic-doors is in preparation to assure a defined position of the locking mechanism.

Available measures of the cylinder

Outside 30 – inside 35mm up to outside 65 – inside 65mm