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Custom Solutions for everyday use

The market of the security branch includes solutions for protection of buildings, persons or even workflows. Many tasks can be solved with standard products.

Although there are many compatible products, not every solutions fulfills a task without compromise. Producers of standard solutions do not focus on customizing their products because there are not enough requests for special needs.

This is where DOT GmbH & Co. KG jumps in. Outsourced of a company which installs standard products we started customizing available and developing new products. Since the beginning our development is controlled by strict regularities conforming the ISO 9001:2008. We develop ready-to-use-products as well as subproducts as part of a whole system. Our development segment has 40 years of experience within the security-market, which can especially be seen in details of our products. Our claim is to develop high quality solutions to fulfill our customers needs.

Our first own product was the electronical padlock „dot.LOCK comb“ followed by a smaller version „dot.LOCK tube“. We also developed a system solution for access control in automated crane blocks. We are also involved in the development of subparts as a supplier.

Take the opportunity and invest our experience in your custom solution!